Meet our pilates teachers

Kasia Pawlik – studio owner, pilates teacher, Polestar Pilates Practitioner

Kasia Pawlik – owner of Pilates100

I spent years looking for a sports and activities that don’t end up with injury when intensity is increased.

I finally discovered it in 2016 during my stay in Jamaica in Body Forte Pilates studio where some of the best track and field athletes in the world trained. For the first time in my life the more I practiced the more rewarding it was!

This is me training in Jamaica with Summer Lopez, who gave me the love for pilates.
My training in Body Forte in Jamaica..

Positive movement inspired me to start an instructor training in Miami – in one of leading pilates schools – Polestar Pilates, where I am a graduate of Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Studio training. I am also certified instructor from Diamond Pilates Academy.

I believe in holistic view of pilates exercises and development which leads to positive experiences and improvement of quality of life.

In my sessions you should expect a combination of all types of equipment like reformer, tower, chair, mat and other apparatus as Joseph Pilates designed. 

All classes in my studio are in cosy, private setting with maximum group size of 3 that benefits the precision and quality of movement.

Jola Kurek – pilates teacher

She completed mat pilates in Polish Sports Academy. In August 2021 she completed Basi Comprehensive Pilates training from Basi Pilates School, California.

Jola is a passionate about sports and mountain hiking. Since 30 years she has been actively training sports starting with fitness, functional training, TRX and boxing. She climbed Kilimanjaro and is planning a trip to a snow-capped dormant volcano Ararat in Turkey in the coming months.

In pilates she found a perfect combination of elements she was seeking in other disciplines: precision, proprioception, concentration, breathing nad balance.

Strong and agile body is a cornerstone of good living.

Renata Król – pilates teachernauczycielka metody Pilates.

Renata Król

Renata has Master’s degree in Physical education, an athlete, pilates teacher. She’s also yoga (Iyengara method).  Kinesioprophylaxis, Kinezygerontoprophylaxis, skiing and voice emission instructor.

I specialise in pilates training using Reformer, Chair and Cadillac. During the training I focus on building correct movement patterns and conscious deep muscle work.

In yoga I focus on breathing, strengthening of muscles and gradual improvement of the capability of the body.

Completed training and certification::

  • AKADEMIA WYCHOWANIA FIZYCZNEGO W WARSZAWIE- Magister Wychowania Fizycznego  – specializacja Narciarstwo Alpejskie i Nordic Walking
  • POLSKA AKADEMIA SPORTU – Instruktor Rekreacji Ruchowej – specializacja Pilates
  • OPEN MIND THERAPY FITNESS SCHOOL –  Instruktor Kinezyprofilaktyki i Instruktor Kinezygerontroprofilaktyki
  • OPEN MIND YOGA CLASSIC SCHOOL – Nauczyciel Yogi wg.metody Iyengara
  • MEDICAL PILATES SCHOOL Agata Grzebiela Correia – Reformer
  • MICHAEL KING PILATES – szkolenia –Cadillac Stage 01, Wunda Chair, Reformer Stage 01, Reformer Stage 02, Matwork 1
Renata Król