Pilates is a positive movement experience leading to healthier, better quality life

Kasia Pawlik on spine corrector. Teaser from pilates repertoire.
(c) Kasia Pawlik, 2020

Pilates means positive movement experience

Many people think of pilates as a set of stretching exercises done on a mat similar to yoga but it is so much more than that. It is a way to improve the quality of your life, control over your body and mind to discover positive movement leading to becoming a best version of ourselves. Joseph Pilates designed equipment such as reformer or chair to expand exercise repertoire and to better adjust trainings to needs and capabilities of his customersin order to give them life full of “spontaneous zest and pleasure”.

Thanks to individual approach supported by the equipment movement becomes rewarding and every session is a joyful experience.

Go for individual classes for the best, personalised experience or come with friends for a cosy 3-person group classes.

Individual classes are the best way to start your pilates experience. Thanks to 1:1 attention and training adjustment to your needs you will gain the most and will get better understanding of your body faster.

We also offer duo and 3-people group classes where you can follow the overall programme and enjoy working along other people.

Exercise becomes joy! 

(c) Kasia Pawlik, 2020 Photo: Kasia with Agnieszka – Certified Teachers in Pilates100
Kasia Pawlik on Ladder Barrel.
Jola Kurek on Cadillac.